About Us

California Smile is a dental practice dedicated to providing high quality dental care to the entire community. We apply the latest advances in dental technology to make dental treatment easier on our patients.

You will always be greeted with a friendly smile when entering our state-of-the-art practice.

Treatment Rooms: Each of our treatment rooms are equipped with flatscreen monitors that allow our patients to watch a movie or show of their choice while undergoing treatment. This makes the treatment time go by faster and also makes our patients feel more calm. Our goal, is to make our patients as comfortable as possible so that they can enjoy their time with us.

Digital X-rays: Our practice only uses digital x-rays that decrease the radiation exposure to our patients. It also allows us to show you your x-rays immediately on the monitor.

3D Imaging and Cad Cam technology:  We make full use of 3D imaging and Cad Cam technology to deliver cutting edge dental restorations.

Sterilization: Our sterilization protocol meets or exceeds all federal standards. We utilize the latest in sterilization technology to keep you and your family safe.