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Stunning and natural Crown & Bridges..

Full porcelain crowns & bridges are now possible with new advances in dental materials.  These restorations are very natural since they have no metal beneath the porcelain.  They are the perfect restoration, especially for front teeth.

Porcelain crowns & bridges require the same procedures as regular restorations.  However, the cosmetic result is outstanding and results in a much better match to your existing teeth.

Do you hate seeing that metal line near base of your crowns? You can have your old metal crowns replaced with porcelain crowns and you will never have to worry about metal showing again.

Do you notice the crown looks gray compared to your own teeth?  That is because of the underlying metal that is showing through the porcelain.  With full porcelain crowns, the only thing underneath your crown is your own tooth.

There is still a place for metal crowns & bridges in dentistry and they are very good materials.  However, for optimum aesthetics and for front teeth, porcelain crowns & bridges will provide you with natural and long lasting restorations.

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Straight Teeth with No Metal.
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