Tooth-Colored Fillings @ California Smile
Fillings that match your teeth, no more metal..

At California Smile, we make beautiful natural fillings that match the color of your existing tooth.  No one wants a mouth full of metal fillings and with the newest advances in dental technology, tooth-colored/composite fillings are just as strong as the old metal(amalgam) fillings.

Tooth colored fillings are actually bonded to the teeth and require removal of less tooth structure.  Metal fillings are held it by mechanical forces, and require the dentist to remove good tooth structure to hold it in place.

Overtime, metal fillings can actually cause the tooth to darken and this can be visible through the front of teeth.

If you have any unsightly metal fillings in your mouth, you can have them changed as well!  The difference is amazing, and you will be happy that you had them replaced.

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Straight Teeth with No Metal.
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