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Dental Implants

Dental implants are considered one of the best methods of tooth replacement used today.

Dr. Son Pham has successfully placed and restored over 1,000 dental implants.

Schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Son to learn more about how dental implants can give you back the smile you deserve.

"Dental implants have completely changed the way I treat missing teeth. 

I love being able to give my patients back their smiles."

Implant Options


SIngle Missing TOoth

If you have an issue with a single damaged or missing tooth, we can easily fix correct that with a single implant.

​ The new tooth will look and function like a regular tooth!


Multiple missing teeth

If you have an issue with multiple missing teeth there are a variety of implant options available. We can replace each tooth with an individual implant or we can connect implants together using bridges to reduce the number of implants needed to replace the missing teeth.


All missing teeth

If you need to have all your teeth removed or already wear a denture, we have multiple treatment options to restore your smile. Full mouth implants with teeth that look and feel like your old teeth (or better!) is achievable. We can support a denture with implants so you no longer have to worry about denture glues.

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